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Benjamin Barr-Wilson

Hi! I'm Benjamin Barr-Wilson but many call me B-dub. I grew up in Kent Washington with my parents and sister, Heather. After graduating from Kentwood High School in 1996 I moved to Bellingham WA to attend Western Washington University.

I started by taking computer science classes hoping to get into graphic design, but quickly Physics dazzled my interest and I declared as a physics and math major. It was my senior year and I was on track to graduate but I felt there was something missing.

Outside of school I was volunteer tutoring at a local school, and with a local youth group. During the summers I had taken on the role of camp counselor and found energy and enjoyment with high school youth. I was coming to terms with the realization that my passions lie with kids. There is nothing better than watching a student get excited about learning. The world is filled with wonderment and we can explore it together. Therefore, I said yes to two more years at Western in the Woodring College of Education and came out with a degree in Math/Physics Education.

After teaching at Auburn High School for 5 years and getting my masters in science education at the University of Washington, Tacoma My partner and I decided join the United States Peace Corps and were sent to serve in South Africa from 2007 to 2009. If you are interested you may wish to check out our blog HERE.

After South Africa Susie was excited to get her Masters in Recreation with a focus in young women's empowerment through outdoor adventure. Where might you do this you ask? Well it turns out one of the best programs in the country is at San Francisco State University. So off we went. We spent five years in the Bay Area living in both San Francisco and Oakland all the while I had the fortune to teach at Mission High School. Working at Mission stretched my abilities and deepened my love for teaching and learning but in the end San Francisco was not to be our home.

On October 6th 2013 Susie and I gave birth to our first child, Nova John Barr-Wilson. As both of our families live in Washington, we decided to return to the Evergreen State. For us, there isn't a more amazing place than Whatcom County and we found ourselves at Bellingham Cohousing.

I took a position as science and math teacher at Windward High school, an intentionally small school of around 100 students in Ferndale WA and throughout my four years I worked as the sole science teacher teaching everything from Biology to Computer Science and beyond. Moved by the drive of the teachers and the open hearts of its students I was proud to be a part of the team for four years.

In the midst of this we gave birth to our second child in 2016, Acacia Kathryn. She is an amazing, brilliant, bundle of positive energy and we are loving every minute and watching them all too quickly slip past.

After 17 years and through no fault of its own, Windward High School was forced to close its doors in the spring 2018. The following summer we returned to the Bay Area to expand our job opportunities and I resumed my work at Mission High School as a Health and Physics teacher. Not wanting to leave cohousing we chose to live in the EastBay at Pleasant Hill Cohousing where we currently reside.

While I loved my time at Mission High 3 hours of commuting from Pleasant Hill took its toll and I looked for schools closer to home. The Martinez Unified School District and Alhambra HS called out to me and now I teach Physics, AP Physics, and AP Computer Science in its hallowed halls. 

When I'm not in the classroom you may find me hiking, rock climbing, reading, gaming or playing guitar. But most of the time I enjoy spending time with family and friends.