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Math Skills IV - Consumer Math

Welcome To Math Skills IV - Consumer Math

Students will be learning consumer math and problem-solving skills used in real life. Students will work in cooperative groups but will also be expected to work independently. Assignments will be mainly project-based. In addition, students will review for the math portion of the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). If  you attend class daily and on time, participate, and ask for help when needed you will be successful in this course.



In order to provide an environment in which everyone can learn and succeed, we will follow these simple rules:

1. Be respectful to classmates and school staff.

2. Be on time and in your seat when the bell rings.

3. Cell phones must be turned off and kept out of sight.

4. Cheating is NOT tolerated and will result in a zero for the assignment/test.

5. Do not disrupt student learning.


Students who disrupt the class by talking out of turn or distracting other students will be sent to the office. All rules stated in the AHS student handbook will be enforced.


It is recommended that students bring the following items to class everyday:

1. Binder or folder that can be divided into four sections: Class Notes, Returned Assignments, Returned Tests/Quizes, and paper.

2. Pencil or pen and eraser

3. MATH SKILLS IV: Scientific Calculator  - Arrangements can be made for students to check out calculators from class.


A semester grade is composed of quiz and test grades (including semester final exams), assignments, group projects and presentations, and participation. If you have any questions or concerns about the grading policy, please feel free to contact me.

Homework/In-Class Assignments (25%): Students are expected to do their own work, but may work in a small group with classmates for better understanding (per teacher approval). In-class assignments will be due at the end of the period, but may be turned in the next day if additional time is needed for completion. Homework assignments will be collected at the beginning of the period. Points will be deducted for late assignments. Assignments that are one month late (or later) will receive only half credit at most.

Quizzes/Tests (25%): Quizzes and tests are announced ahead of time.

Group Projects and Presentations (25%): Students will be expected to work with their peers on projects and presentations. However, there will also be projects/presentations when students will be expected to work individually.

Participation (25%): Class participation includes being on task, not distracting other students, punctuality, and attendance.

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