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925-335-5810  ext.1705


Deborah Minyo



Please click on the period name to see assignments, worksheets, videos and the textbook link for your class.

I have been a math teacher at AHS for many years. I incorporate individual attention, collaborative learning and modern technology in a positive, safe and constructive classroom environment.



I just wrote a Donor's Choose grant. If you could contribute any small amount, it would be much appreciated. Here is the link.


Donations Always Needed!

AHS teacher are fanatics about Donor's Choose.  However, there are some supplies that are always in constant demand.  If you have any of the following to give, it would be much appreciated:





Graph paper

AAA Batteries

AA Batteries

Yellow or Goldenrod Copy Paper

5x8 Index cards (blank or lined)

Scotch tape in disposable containers.

TI-84 Graphing Calculators 

TI-30XIIS Graphing Calculators





Period 1: Alg 2/Trig

Period 2: Algebra 1B

Period 3: Algebra 1B

Period 4: Algebra 1A

Period 5: Alg 2/Trig

Period 6:Prep

Period 7: Prep