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Mr. Mathers' Biology and Anatomy & Physiology

Biology Course Syllabus

Science Department:

Biology Course Syllabus

Alhambra High School     Mr. Mathers       Room: J205     (925) 335-5810        email:

Notice: Policies in this syllabus are subject to change as needed

Biology Course Description: Biology is a study and explanation of life structures, life processes, and the interrelationships between living things. Medical Biology satisfies the UC/CSU Life Science graduation requirements. Biology is a laboratory science which includes applying the proper scientific method, using equipment,proper lab safety, medical carrers and career exploration are also included

Biology Course Syllabus: The following are the major topics/units in Medical Biology.

1. Cell Biology    2. Genetics    3. Evolution   4. Ecology    

Recommended Materials: 3 ring binder, pens, pencils, colored pencils, lined paper, ruler

Course Objectives/Key Standards/ Major Study Units: The Next GenerationScience Standards for Biology are cell biology;

genetics; ecology and evolution

Academic Integrity:

As a learning community of scholars, Alhambra High School emphasizes the ethical responsibility of all its members to seek knowledge honestly and in good faith. Students are responsible for doing their own work and academic dishonesty of any kind will not be tolerated. If you use someone else’s idea or writing, be sure the source is clearly documented. Plagiarism means presenting someone else’s idea or writing as if it were your own. Violations of academic integrity include, but are limited to: cheating, plagiarism, or misrepresentation of information in oral or written form. Such violations will be dealt with severely by instructors and the administration. Consequences of these actions will depend on the severity of the infraction, but at minimum will result in no credit for the assignment in question and may result in parent conferences and/or failure of the course for more severe or repeated infractions.

Methods of Evaluation:

Students are assessed using quizzes/tests, lab experiments, individual/group projects, various types of assignments, a final.

Grading Scale: Each student’s grade in Medical Biology is determined using the following scale.

1. Participation                                      =10%

2. Assignments                                     =10%

3. Labs /Projects                                   =30%

4. Tests/Quizzes/Final                           =50%


Grades are put in the following scale:

90 to 100%               =              A           

80 to 89%                 =              B             

65 to 79%                 =              C           

50 to 64%                 =              D                    

Below 50%               =               F


All work is graded using the following criteria:

a. How well you followed the directions?

b. Is the assignment complete?

c. Is the assignment neat and readable?

d. Is the assignment organized?

e. How well did you do the assignment, or is it high quality work?

f. Was the assignment turned in on time?


Students will have time in class to complete many of their assignments. Students who need more time to do their work must do their assignments at home. Homework is given a daily basis.

Students who are not doing their work or participating at the beginning of class because they are unprepared, disturbing other students, out of their seats, and/or not following teacher directions for any reason will be marked tardy.  This will apply for the first 15 minutes of class.

*** Late work will be accepted, however, assignments turned in late will have 50 % of the assignments’ point value deducted or taken off, once an assignment is late. This means a 100 point assignment will automatically have 50 points taken off if it is turned in one day late or two weeks late.

It is each student’s responsibility to find out what work she/he has missed and to make up their work as soon as possible. Students who have legal absences will not be penalized for turning in late work. If a student misses a day she/he will have an extra day to make up their work.

*** Quizzes/tests are given or done on a weekly basis. A missed quiz or test should be made up during lunch, before school or after school.  Students who do not make up tests within two weeks will be given a zero on missed test(s).

Students who cut part or all of class will not be able to make up any work they miss. It is each student’s responsibility to be in class in time.

The above procedure will be applied as fairly as possible, with no exceptions.

Class Expectations:

1. BE ON TIME                 Be in your seat before the second bell rings, otherwise you are tardy. If you are out of your seat when                                                              attendance is being taken you are tardy.

2. BE PREPARED            Bring pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, your binder, and your brain to class and be ready to use them.

3. BE RESPECTFUL        Respect everyone else in the room, including their rights, their right to learn, ideas, property, feelings,                                                             ethnicity, gender, and space.

4. BE POLITE                  Use correct language at the appropriate times. This means no yelling, name calling, cussing/swearing,                                                             pushing, shoving, throwing things etc.

5. DO YOUR WORK        Contribute positively to the classroom environment by participating in labs and all class activities. 

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior:

1. Warning by teacher

2. Telephone call to parent/guardian

3. Teacher detention

4. Referral to class level Vice-Principal

Harassment Policy:

AlhambraHigh Schoolis committed to providing for all students and employees of the district an educational environment free of harassment and unlawful discrimination. The school maintains a strict policy prohibiting harassment and differentiated treatment of students because of sex, race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, medical condition, marital status, age or any other form, including verbal, physical and visual conduct, threats, demands and retaliation is prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action depending of the seriousness of the violation.


School-wide Dress Code:

  • Women’s dresses and tops must cover their back and have two straps. Tops will cover midriff and touch the top of pants or skirts. Appropriate length of skirts and shorts will be at the discretion of the administration.
  • Underwear will not be seen. Men will not wear sleeveless underwear t-shirts.
  • Drugs, alcohol, weapons, sexual content, violent pictures, gang symbols/colors, and otherwise inappropriate symbols on clothing, hats or jewelry are not permitted.
  • Appropriate foot gear must be worn at all times for reasons of health and safety.

School-wide use of Electronic Devices:

All cell phone, pagers, ipods, etc. will be turned off between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:15 PM throughout the campus. All other electronic devices seen or heard during this time on campus, except during brunch and lunch, will be confiscated and parents will be called. Using electronic devices, besides calculators, such as cell phones, in Medical Biology will lower your grade.

Teacher statement:

You and your student must date and sign the last page of this course description to let me know that you both have read and understand all the information regarding academic and behavior expectations for this class. As part of the Alhambra High School learning community, this class is dedicated to student learning and committed to a safe environment for all students.

Please tear off and return the last page of this course description to me by Friday, August 28, 2015, or within three days after registration in my class.


My student and I have read and understand the information regarding academic and behavior

expectations for Biology. We have discussed these expectations and commit to observing them.


We will contact Mr. Mathers at or 925-335-5810

with any questions or concerns we may have about the class and student progress.



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Welcome to my web page.

Biology meets the California UC and CSU A-G requirements for graduation.

Anatomy and Physiology is an A to G Science elective

I have been teaching Medical Biology and other science classes for nineteen years, and I have been teaching at Alhambra HS for ten years.

The main topics we study in Biology are cells, genetics, evolution, ecology. 

Anatomy and Physiology studies the physical structure and processes of the human body. 


Check the Calender for assignments and due dates for work.

Students who use cellular or electronic devices in class will not receive an A for their Participation grade.

Current Assignments

Biology and Anatomy & Physiology

Period 1:  (Free)

Period 2:  Anatomy & Physiology

Period 3:  Biology

Period 4:  Anatomy & Physiology

Period 5:  Biology

Period 6:  Anatomy & Physiology

Period 7:  Prep

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