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Outside Projects

OSP#1 - 9/17   "I Have A Dream"

OSP#2 - 10/1   Concentration

OSP#3 - 10/22   Concentration

OSP#4 - 11/13   Concentration

OSP#5 - 12/11   Concentration

Current Assignments

AP Art

Curriculum for this class is designed to be the equivalent of a beginning college-level course. This class requires students to work independently in and outside of class. The work produced in this class is rigorous and requires students to challenge themselves to create work that reaches beyond their prior capabilities. With dedication and encouragement, students will able to reach new heights in their artistic endeavors. Work from this class will help students to complete their AP Portfolio. The focus for the students AP Portfolio can fit into either the Drawing or the 2-D Design category. Approximately 24 pieces are required to complete the AP Portfolio. The Portfolio is the AP Test that is taken in the Spring.



Art donations of any amount are appreciated!

Click the Link below:

Mask History of the Americas

This link will take you to the article "Mask History of the Americas", by  Winfield Colman.

Refer to the article. Answer the questions on that handout as preparation for our in class discussion and the introduction to our Mask making project.

Due MONDAY 10/21