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Outside Projects

OSP#1 - 9/17      "I Have A Dream"

OSP#2 - 10/1      Bar Code

OSP#3 -  10/23   Fumage

OSP#4 - 11/13    The Doily 

OSP#5 - 12/11    Gestural Sketches

Art 3

This course is a third year visual arts class and may be used as preparation for the AP Portfolio. Through this course students will be encourage  to challenge themselves in their own creation of artistic concepts as they continue to development their technical skills. We will focus on working from life in order to make our imaginative concepts more concrete. This will include, but is not limited to architectural drawing, still life, figure drawing, and portraits.  Students are encouraged to explore a wide range of media, while deepening and expanding their understanding of these materials.


Art donations of any amount are appreciated!

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