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  Art donations of any amount are appreciated!  

Please visit the Webstore to make donations directly to my class account.

Kristen Paradiso Locker

Art 1




There you will find artwork by students from Art 1 for each project we have done this semester. Be sure to check it regularly as I will update it with each new project we do. So happy to have a virtual space to share the amazing work being done!

Thank You for Supporting the Arts @ Alhambra
Thank You for Supporting the Arts @ Alhambra
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This is an introductory visual art class. The first semester of this course emphasizes the elements of art line, shape, value, texture, space, color as a basis for learning beginning techniques. Students will learn basic drawing skills, composition, and work with a variety of media. The second semester will  introduce students to art from different cultures, movements, and styles. Students will  further their exploration of a wide variety of media, including scratchboard, collage, paint, and fabric. No prior art experience is required. There is a visual final both semesters.