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Kristen Paradiso

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I have been practicing art since I was old enough to hold a crayon! More professionally speaking, I received my BA in Art at UC Santa Cruz and my teaching credential in Art at San Jose State. Both experiences offered me many opportunities to gain a variety of technical skills such as painting, pottery, bronze casting, printmaking, 3D sculpture, and of course drawing! I also met a diverse group of artists, mentors, and thinkers along the way!

I have taught Art at Alhambra since 2002. I have taught Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, & AP Art. While I have had the opportunity to teach art to kids ranging from kindergarten up to high school, I would have to say my heart and soul belong in the high school art classroom!

I am truly blessed to teach Art at Alhambra. Teaching Art 1 keeps me grounded in the roots and foundations of the practice of art.  I am so inspired to watch kids come in unsure of their artistic talents and within weeks be surprised at what they can draw, paint, and create! Their "newness" keeps our studio fresh! Working with my Art 2 students gives me an opportunity to take all of the basics that they have acquired from Art 1 and mix it up with new concepts on how and why we create.  I love watching them express their individuality in a new way as they sink their teeth into the richness of the art process. I amazed every year to watch My Art 3 and AP students find themselves, become more fully aware of who they are, and create their personal visions with such confidence.( I am missing these students and classes this year as they were cut due to low enrollment by the district. I hope to have them back up and running next year) 

I am so honored to work with such an amazing group of people each year! My students inspire me to try new media, explore new concepts, and always be searching for new ways to express myself and enrich their curriculum. For that I am grateful! 

Courses 2020/21

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