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Career and Interest Exploration

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If you don't have the answer to this question, that's okay!

In order to determine what career is the best fit for you, it is important to spend time self-evaluating your skills, values, strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

Self-evaluation will help to cross-out careers that are not complimentary of your strengths, personality, and life goals, while helps direct you toward job opportunities that fit in with what you want out of life. These evaluations will help you consider work/life balance, flexibility, a "9-to-5" desk job versus a job where you are required to be on your feet.

Here are some resources to get you started!

Get trained on the Job - A Post High School Alternative
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Job Corps is the largest nationwide FREE residential career training program in the country. The program helps eligible young people ages 16 through 24 complete their high school education, trains them for meaningful careers, and assists them with obtaining employment.

Job Corps offers career technical skills training in 10 high-growth industry sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Automotive and Machine Repair
  • Construction
  • Finance and Business
  • Healthcare
  • Homeland Security
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Renewable Resources and Energy
  • Transportation

Students can earn a high school diploma or the equivalent, and college credits. Job Corps also offers tuition-free housing, meals, basic health care, a living allowance, and career transition assistance.

EXploring Trade and Career
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Explore a Career in the Military
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Contact: Sidney R. Pirtle, SFC, USA

Army Recruiter

Pleasant Hill Recruiting Station

Tel: (925) 682-6482


Contact: Stephanie H. Choe, 2LT, USAF

Admissions Advisor

United States Air Force Academy 

Tel: (719) 651-2745


Contact: Staff Sergeant Russell R Sales

United States Marine Corps, Recruiter
Recruiting Sub Station Concord

Tel: (925) 685-1775
Email: Russell.Sales@marines.usmc.mi

Follow IG: @russellsales1833